Stepros is proud to produce some of the highest quality pump vaults, filters, and discharge assemblies in the wastewater industry. Our products include:

Pump Filters

The Stepros Pump Filter is specially designed for use with Stepros pump vaults. The filter features an integrated float tree which allows more room for the floats to move up and down unimpeded. 

Filter with Handle

Pump Vaults

Pump vaults are available in various sizes, including 45″, 54″, and 78″. Stepros vaults are different from other vaults in that they do not collect solids, rather, they flush the solids back into the tank.

Vault Back
Vault front transparent

Discharge Assemblies

Stepros Discharge Assemblies are designed with the installer in mind. Swivel fittings and a union allow the assemblies to be quickly installed and easily serviced. Custom discharge assemblies are available upon request. 

Discharge Assembly
Vault in Tank