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Stepros is proud to manufacture some of the highest quality equipment in the wastewater industry. Our products include pump vaults, filters, discharge assemblies, and control panels. Stepros also carries wastewater products from other manufacturers to create complete septic pumping packages.

Pump Vaults

What makes Stepros pump vaults special?

Stepros pump vaults use a patented self-flushing design to prevent the build-up of solids on the filter. Each time the pump activates, a small amount of filtered water is pumped back to the filter chamber to flush out any solids. Less solids mean less maintenance and fewer service calls.

1,000s of pump vaults in operation since 2017

45in HF - Vault Assy Drawing_Page2_Image4
45in HF - Vault Assy Drawing_Page1_Image2

Pump Filters

Stepros pump filters are designed for use with Stepros pump vaults. Filters feature an integrated removeable float tree which allows more room for the floats to move up and down. More room means fewer false alarms from floats hung in the “up” position. 

Filter with Handle

Stepros pump filters are easy to remove.

The integrated float tree makes float maintenance simple. 

Pump Vaults

Pump vaults are available in various sizes, including 45″, 54″, and 78″. Stepros vaults are different from other vaults in that they do not collect solids, rather, they flush the solids back into the tank.

Vault Back
Vault front transparent

Available Sizes

45" Vault
54" Vault
78" Vault

Discharge Assemblies

Stepros Discharge Assemblies are designed with the installer in mind. Swivel fittings and a union allow the assemblies to be quickly installed and easily serviced. Custom discharge assemblies are available upon request. 

Discharge Assembly
DA in rsier 10.21.22
Vault in Tank

Control Panels

Stepros has an in-house control panel shop certified to the Underwriter Laboratories 508A standard, the industry standard for industrial control panels. We produce a variety of standard septic tank control panels for use with multiple floats and pumps. Custom configurations are available. Contact us today for a quote.

Other Products That We Carry

Stepros carefully selects which products from other manufacturers to carry as part of our pumping packages. Contact us for complete effluent pumping packages or if you need a specific product.

Wilo offers a variety of effluent pumps.

Pentair offers a variety of effluent pumps.

Pentair logo

NDS makes quality meter boxes and lids.

NDS logo

Conery makes floats for various applications with cords of many lengths.

Conery Logo

SimTech makes quality 24″ riser lids (both plastic and metal).